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Ortho.i® AI Agents act as a magnifying glass for dental professionals

We are pleased to demonstrate the capabilities of our AI Orthodontic Multimodal, designed to assist practices and corporations in enhancing orthodontic care through the provision of high-quality information and streamlined processes. This innovation leads to diagnostic accuracy, increased treatment acceptance rates, and refined treatment protocols.

Some clinical deviations, such as dental arch midline shifts, often remain undetected by dental experts. Additionally, there is frequently a lack of information about the causes and potential consequences of these untreated conditions. In these instances, an Ortho.i® AI Agent can provide clinicians with crucial insights and facilitate rapid chairside diagnostics when necessary. Check out the images how AI can help dental professionals in detecting minor midline deviations and classifying malocclusions within seconds. The AI also guides the subsequent steps and can present scientific studies to broaden dentists' understanding of the issue. (Please note that the content in these images is for illustrative purposes only.) It is important to emphasize that Ortho.i® AI Agents must be used as a tool to assist clinicians in decision-making and in providing accurate patient information, like any other dental digital platform, they should not be the sole source of diagnosis and treatment without a comprehensive human analysis.

Ortho.i® AI Agents can transform your business by delivering high-quality information, enhancing productivity and accuracy, and empowering dentists to achieve superior outcomes with their treatments. Our AI Orthodontics Multimodal and Agents can be customized and tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring greater personalization and satisfaction. Visit to learn more!


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