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Ortho.i  Robotics



Elevating Orthodontic Care with Next-Generation AI Technology

We specialize in integrating Generative AI into the orthodontics and dental field. Our innovative AI services are designed to enhance patient outcomes, streamline practice operations, empower education and unlock new potentials in orthodontic care. 

"Three out of four (75%) CEOs surveyed believe the organization with the most advanced GENERATIVE AI will have competitive advantage."

IBM Study

AI Agents empowering services, treatments and clinical outcomes with high-quality educational program. A practice where technology meets humanity.

Train your Team with AI Technologies

We believe in the transformative power of AI not only in clinical practice but also in education and training. Our generative AI solutions offer innovative and interactive tools for the education and professional development of employees, doctors and dental staff.

Generative AI allow us to create personalized learning pathways tailored to the individual needs and skill levels of each practitioner

Advanced AI systems provide virtual training modules simulating a wide range of dental scenarios 

With AI we can offer tools for data analysis, pattern recognition, and simulation, which are invaluable for development of new dental technologies  

AI Systems are designed to keep you updated with the latest advancements, ensuring the knowledge and skills remain at the forefront of the industry 

Our Services


  • Develop and maintain AI models and AI Agents tailored to your specific industry needs

  • Conduct data analysis process and ensure quality management

  • Design approaches for integrating AI technologies and applications to enhance dental customer interactions

  • Incorporate AI models into educational programs and customer support services

  • Provide AI orientation and training programs for doctors, staffs and internal employees

  • Coordinate the integration of AI across Clinical, Treatment Plan, Marketing and Educational teams

Reach out for personalized AI services tailored to your requirements


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In the heart of every dream lies the desire to make a difference.

This is orthodontics reimagined - efficient, fulfilling, life-changing. AI empowering doctors to change lives, while living theirs to the fullest.

This is the future of Orthodontics.
Join us in shaping a world where changing life isn't just a dream, but a reality.



Interested in bringing AI innovation to your organization or enterprise? Are you looking to integrate advanced AI-driven tools into your dental treatment plan, education and customer services? Contact Ortho.i® Robotics to discover how our services can enrich your offerings and professional development. Click Here to book online a free consultation

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