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The brand "Ortho.i"is a portmanteau linguistic blend of words "orthodontics"and "intelligence" combined into a new word

Ortho.i Consulting an innovative consulting company, stablished in 2005, have been working with the largest dental companies in the industry as Ormco, Class One Orthodontics/OrthoOrganizer (Henry Schein), 3M Unitek, Invisalign, SureSmile, Dentsply Sirona and others. Orthoi expertise has helped to create several educational and training projects for dental companies, universities and public corporations serving thousands of practices globally in the last 15 years. Responding to the needs of our clients, we have developed new ways to take care patients engaging remotely, teaching online and developing high performance business for a new disruptive industry. We have opened offices in Brazil and United States.


Bio: Dr. Adriano Marotta Araujo is an internationally recognized public speaker in digital orthodontics. While he operates remotely an orthodontics practice out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, he also runs a global consulting agency that coaches clinicians on how to leverage digital solutions to streamline practice operations for better patient outcomes and FOMO-worthy work-life balance. Dr. Araujo completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Master of Science, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Orthodontics at the University of State of Sao Paulo (UNESP). He also completed a research fellowship at Baylor College of Dentistry and post-doc at the Universitat Internacional of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.


Professor Araujo, as speaker has been lectured at the most important scientific events in the world: Annual Meeting of American Association of Orthodontics AAO, American Lingual Orthodontics Association ALOA, European Orthodontics Society EOS, Brazilian Association of Orthodontics ABOR and SPO, European Aligners Society EAS, Spanish Orthodontics Society SEDO and numerous other independent events organized by American Orthodontics, Ormco, 3M, Invisalign, Suresmile, Dentisply Sirona, Straumann, etc.


In the past twenty years during his academic career has been living with his family in North America, South America and Europe. Nowadays he fluently speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Only a few orthodontists have had the opportunity to work and teach among the top universities in the world as Dr Araujo. Some of his frequent topics have been CranioFacial Growth, Biomechanics & Segmented Arch, Self-ligated systems, Orthognathic Surgery, Clear Aligners and Artificial Intelligence. He has also published many articles in various journals and global award-winner "Visionary Among us"in 2020 from Dentsply Sirona/Suresmile. Also Dr Araujo worked as VP, Global Head of Clinical at Straumann Orthodontics Business Unit 2021/2023.


+UrsiOrthoi, a premium private practice located in Brazil, known as one of the pioneers in 3D Technologies and TeleDentistry has an unique boutique style and proven successful protocol of management and high customer service satisfaction rate as well as remote control capability, what allows him to have a more desirable lifestyle. Also Prof Araujo was a co-founder of one of the largest online courses platforms worldwide. Nowadays he lives in Dallas, Tx with his family and works remotely supporting patients, doctors and consulting companies globally.



Master of Science in Orthodontics at University of State of Sao Paulo – UNESP

PH.D at University of State of Sao Paulo – UNESP

Researcher Fellowship at Baylor College of Dentistry - Dallas, Tx 2002/2003

Clinic Director at Orthodontics Program at UNISA – Sao Paulo 2003-2010

Adjunct Professor at Marketing Program at FAAP Business School 2011/2012

Invited Professor at Department of Orthodontics at Universitat Internacional of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, 2015/2016

Faculty at Department of Orthodontics at UNESP SJCampos – SP - Brazil

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