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Be a Digital Ortho Resident!

If you are a Faculty or Resident and interested to upgrade your Ortho Educational Program with Digital Orthodontics, 3D Technologies, Aligners Design, Advanced Planning, 3D Printers Technology or Suresmile/Elemetrix, please contact us.

We offer an outstanding 3D Diagnostic and Advanced Training, lectures and hands-on with a Suresmile/Elemetrix demonstration for the Ortho Program and special conditions for residents* 

(*temporary offer not available for every country)

Lectures can be given in English, Spanish or Portuguese for Universities located in United States, Brazil and world wide.

We look forward to meeting you!


" Congratulations! This is one of the best courses I have ever taken"

Dr A. Castro, orthodontist

Excellent! 100% residents approved. We are glad to have you as guest speaker this year!

Dr P Chiavini, Clinical Director

Hope one day we´ll get to be half as good orthodontist as you and also hope you don´t forget us. We won’t for sure.

Dra Angelica, Ortho resident, UIC Spain

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