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Cloud-based Practice & Digital Freedom - Available free on Youtube Orthoi Channel

Back to 2020 in San Diego, Dr Araujo presented a closing Keynote introducing a revolutionary approach to digital orthodontics with its Cloud-based Practice. This innovative solution, envisioned even before the pandemic, introduces a disruptive business model that expands professional influence and offers high-level virtual orthodontic care remotely and integration with AI agents. While clear aligners play a significant role, the transformation extends beyond them. Customized fixed appliances, tele-dentistry, remote orthodontists, remote patient management, B2B services, and AI technologies collectively contribute to this evolution. Good News! We are offering our "Digital Freedom" coaching program for free on our YouTube channel. This training is designed for dental professionals looking to transition from conventional practices to cloud-based practices. Episode 01 link below!! Get Started Today.


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