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Ortho.i® Design Sprint -Generative AI

WELCOME to Ortho.i® Design Sprint! We founded our Design Sprint on two core beliefs: first, that powerful new artificial intelligence systems will ignite a wave of transformative business innovation, and second, that these future-ready companies will play a pivotal role in empowering AI to deliver superior services, drive sustainable actions, and uplift communities.


As AI model capabilities expand and the costs of developing AI products drop, the wealth of information and possibilities can feel overwhelming, with new terms, platforms, and opportunities emerging every day. It’s crucial to start with the right solution tailored to your business needs, ensuring AI delivers real results and solves real problems.


Too often, companies begin with generic brainstorms or integrating pre-trained AI models, adapting to existing solutions instead of developing custom solutions for their unique challenges. Design Sprints offer an incredibly efficient approach to rapidly developing and testing new ideas, solving complex problems, and stimulating innovation within teams and organizations. It's a great process for starting AI projects with a small team. It's fast, it's fun, it brings people together, but an important key point to do our Design Sprint is "Seeing the Future!"


Unlike our full edition Design Sprint, which is a 5-day in-person event, the Ortho.i® Design Sprint Virtual Edition is a streamlined three-day experience, conducted for 3 hours each day. It's a time-constrained process that fits is everybody schedule and pocket, packed with activities designed to update your knowledge, solve your problems and test new ideas through teamwork, prototyping, and user testing. This customized program includes six key stages: Understand, Define, Diverge, Decide, Prototype, and Validate. You can focus, you have time to think, you can take risks, you can work together with the key people and keep your own challengers at the center of it all. You'll start by understanding the foundations of Generative AI, then move on to defining the real problems to be solved, sketching competing solutions, selecting the best ones, building a realistic basic AI assistant, and validating and testing later as you wish. No worries, no coding is needed. You will be trained in prompt engineering techniques to communicate with your AI assistants and agents and gain a great overview of data strategies. You'll understand why data quality is essential for the success of your AI systems and how you can start quick to collect and structure them. 


Since 2010, the Design Sprint process has proven its efficiency with Google Ventures, Stripe, Uber and many many others. We believe dynamic learning environments like ours are a powerful methodology for driving innovation, enhancing people dynamics, and delivering user-centered solutions to complement traditional methods as online courses, webinars, forum and large conferences. By supporting a culture of problem-solving, hands-on rapid prototyping, and iterative discussions of new technologies, doctors, entrepreneurs, and leaders can stay ahead of market changes and continuously improve their products and services before investing significant amounts of time and money.


We look forward to helping you accelerate your business at the forefront of this AI evolution. Together, we can push the boundaries of applied AI responsibly and ethically, benefiting our communities and humanity as a whole.

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Ortho.i® is a purpose-driven company dedicated to our "World of Care" initiative. We are proud to announce that a portion of our profits is allocated to supporting social communities and sustainable projects.


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