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Ortho.i® A WORLD of CARE.

At Ortho.i®, our heart beats for more than just the world of orthodontics. We deeply care about helping the lives of everyone we touch—be it doctors, patients, team members, organizations or broader communities. Our commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for the better of life quality is matched by our passion for extending life and support beyond the professional space. Donations, inclusion and social work are not just parts of what we do; they are the essence of who we are, radiating the passion we have for people in every direction.

Last year, we were blessed with the opportunity to share our resources and support with various organizations in Brazil and the US, an achievement that fills us with pride and joy. Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue on our path as a purpose-driven company, focus to make a difference in the lives of fellow orthodontists, organizations, and communities. Our commitment continues to serve our dental specialty and its dynamic industry with all the technology, excellence and love we possess.


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